Get started

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NodeJS 16.16.0 or higher is required.
npm install touchguild@latest
yarn add touchguild@latest
pnpm add touchguild@latest

Get started

const TouchGuild = require('touchguild'); // import for CommonJS
// import * as TouchGuild from 'touchguild' // import for ESM & TS
const client = new TouchGuild.Client({token: 'insert token here'});
client.on('ready', ()=> {
console.log(`Logged as ${client.user.username}`);
client.on('error', (err)=> {
console.error("Whoops, somethin' went wrong..", err);
Note: CommonJS, ESM & Typescript are supported.

Development builds (Nightly)

Nightly builds are pre-release builds, they're having new features in real time. Once there's enough features, we're releasing them as a brand new 'stable build'.

Install Nightly builds

You can get new features before the stable release.

Install the latest Nightly build automatically:

npm install touchguild@nightly
yarn add touchguild@nightly
pnpm add touchguild@nightly

Install the latest Nightly build manually:

npm install dinographicpixels/touchguild#nightly
  1. 1.
    Run the command
  2. 2.
    Go to node_modules/touchguild
  3. 3.
    Run: npm run build inside the touchguild folder
  4. 4.
    Now, it's ready.
You need to reproduce those steps everytime you update to a newer nightly build.
Be aware that Nightly builds aren't stable and can have still have major bugs. If you face issues, feel free to report it by creating an issue on TouchGuild's GitHub, please specify that you're using a Nightly build.
You can check Nightly Features here.

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