Using a library includes reading docs.

TouchGuild brings you closer to the Guilded API and comes with:

  • Simpler names for events such as 'messageCreate' and not 'TeamMessageCreated' like Guilded does.

  • Easy & predictable types which makes everything's easier to understand

  • Methods, properties to help you be more productive.

  • Strongly typed Client event emitter which allows you to don't 'read docs' when you need a specific 'event' or property of a component.

  • Wisely chosen method names, named to be accurate to what they're actually doing.

  • Those are some of the advantages by using TouchGuild as a Guilded library.

  • Get raw data that directly comes from the Guilded API with Non-REST methods

  • Communicate with the Guilded API with TouchGuild's DevTools, improving the library's durability and let you some time before switching to another library (if deprecation happen).

and even, more..

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